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Passport to the World is BBYO's global travel program for Jewish teens of all backgrounds. The trips are open to BBYO members and non-members alike, and each program shares the same core elements - active touring, cross-cultural interactions, and meaningful Jewish experiences.

Passport trips span destinations on five continents and combine elements of active touring, community service, and meaningful Jewish experiences. All of our programs embrace pluralistic values and are designed to provide opportunities for inspiration, connection, and community. Perfect for anyone with a spirit for adventure and a desire to experience the full color of the world. Prior involvement with BBYO is not necessary. In addition to summer teen travel, BBYO Passsport offers the following experiences: Adult & Family Travel, March of the Living, and Beyond - Gap Year

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BBYO Passport: Ambassadors to Bulgaria

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
Be a part of a close-knit group of teens instilling hope in a Jewish community with a remarkable past. Take part in community service projects, ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Spain Discovery

Multiple Locations, DC  -   Summer Program
Retrace Jewish history during the Golden Age of Spain, climb the Rock of Gibraltar, and soak up the sun on Spain's famous Costa Del Sol. ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Euro Continental Discovery

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
Travel to Prague and Budapest to explore the cultural riches and achievements of the Jewish People in Europe. Continue on to Poland and bear witness ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Israel Journey Plus

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
Extend the core Israel Journey program with an enrichment week. During the first part, participants choose from either a "Sea-to-Sea Hike" or a "Culture & ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Trek Israel

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
All of the core elements of the Israel Journey program combined with a special focus on connecting to the beauty of the Land of Israel ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Israel Journey

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
Israel Journey is a well-balanced opportunity to explore the history, natural beauty, and modern culture of the Jewish Homeland. Journey from the Galilee in the ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Trek Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica  -   Summer Program
Journey into the jungles of Costa Rica. This active travel experience features zip-lining above cloud forests, hiking on active volcanoes, and kayaking on the tropical ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Western Europe Discovery

Multiple cities, Netherlands  -   Summer Program
Travel to the grand capitals of Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. Visit the Anne Frank Home, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, Normandy, and Big ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Italy Discovery

Rome, Italy  -   Summer Program
Travel along the Mediterranean Coast and explore the treasures of Italy in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence and Verona. Hike in the Italian Alps, go rafting ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Trek West

Multiple cities, CA  -   Summer Program
A grand adventure and tour in the American West. Travel throughout California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Explore the national park marvels of Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Stand UP South Africa

Capetown, South Africa  -   Summer Program
Travel into the southern hemisphere on an epic safari adventure. South Africa Journey is a 3-week experience combining safari, service, and programming with local Jewish ... (more)

BBYO Passport: Ambassadors to Argentina

Washington, DC  -   Summer Program
Ambassadors to Argentina pairs Jewish teens from North America with their peers from Buenos Aires! You will learn about Argentinian society, take part in service ... (more)
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