Alfred University offers summer programs in Astronomy, Art, Creative Writing, Computers, Ceramic & Glass Engineering, Robotics, Equestrian and Swimming. Students enjoy learning, making friends, and experiencing life on a college campus.

Alfred University is located in the peaceful village of Alfred in western New York State, where summer days are warm and nights are cool and comfortable. Surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful meadows and valleys, our campus is the perfect place to spend an enjoyable week learning more about a favorite academic subject, improving your skills in swimming or riding, and meeting other students who share your interests. Classes are taught by distinguished Alfred University faculty who know how to make learning fun! In the evenings, campers enjoy participating in a variety of planned recreational activities. Out-of-class supervision is provided by our wonderful team of Resident Assistants who serve as camp counselors, mentors, positive role models and friends. Students are housed in secure university residence halls dedicated to summer campers, and delicious, all-you-can-eat, cafeteria-style meals are served in the campus dining hall. Living, dining and learning together, they have a great opportunity to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships.

With our dynamic, engaging, talented and caring faculty; terrific facilities; and lovely surroundings, an Alfred University summer program could make this your best summer ever! For further information or to register for a camp, please visit www.alfred.edu/summer/hs.cfm.

Our Summer Astronomy Camp is for students entering grades 11-12 who love astronomy and are interested in pursuing an education in math or the physical sciences. Students enjoy a mix of night and daytime activities involving extensive use of the AU observatory's telescopes and electronics.For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/academic-camps/astronomy.cfm.

"Portfolio Preparation for College Bound Artists" is a 5-day, residential intensive institute for grades 10-12 that helps students prepare to apply to art school. The program provides instruction in observational drawing, an understanding of color and a sound foundation in the vocabulary of art and art related pursuits. Featured topics include "Building a Strong Portfolio" and "Careers in the Arts." Each student must bring a portfolio for review and will receive constructive advice on how to accomplish the best college application portfolio they can. For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/academic-camps/art.cfm.

This popular residential camp is for students entering grades 10-12 who love to write and want to learn new ways to improve their writing skills with others who share their passion! The program provides an introduction to a variety of genres: poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and drama. In morning and afternoon sessions, students participate in writing intensive exercises designed to address the elements of craft: voice, character, image, scene, and setting. For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/academic-camps/creative-writing.cfm.

Our Computer Engineering camp is a residential program, for ages 12-17, that offers computing experiences for both basic and advanced students. Campers learn at their own pace, each at their own computer station. When they register, students can select the areas of computing they wish to study. Instruction topics include: video game design, micro-controllers, computer languages, web page design, software applications, and simple robotics. For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/academic-camps/computer-engineer.cfmcfm.

Ceramic & Glass Engineering camp is for students entering grades 9-12 who wish to learn about ceramic engineering. Students participate in exciting hands-on lab experiences in ceramic processing & tape casting, and glass melting & press forming, working alongside faculty. Ceramic Processing and Tape Casting: Ceramic components are at the heart of a vast majority of our everyday items, from cell phones to toilets. At the center of the manufacturing process is ceramic processing - using powders to make usable items. This summer lab exercise will focus on making a ceramic sun-catcher that will be fabricated using tape casting, lamination, and glazing, capturing aspects of both historical and advanced ceramic materials and processing techniques. We will discuss the chemistry involved, the reactions that occur at both room temperature and at high temperature, and how these processes affect the properties (light transmission, strength, etc.) of the ceramic component. Glass Melting and Press Forming: Glass is everywhere in our daily lives, from the screen on your cell phone and LCD television, to windows, bottles, and fiber optic cables. Unlike other ceramics and materials, glass is not a solid, but a super-cooled liquid. How glass is made, however, is an exciting and visually spectacular event, where raw materials (sand, limestone, and soda ash) are blended and melted at high temperature to form a viscous liquid that can be cast and shaped into objects. This lab exercise will discuss how chemistry affects glass properties and color, making glass, and stress in glass due to cooling. In addition, each student will cast a glass piece to take home! For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/summer/camps/science.cfm.

Robotics Engineering Camp is an exciting residential summer program for students entering grades 9-12. The program is based on the VEX Robotics System which offers a great platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math. Beyond science and engineering principles, a VEX Robotics project also encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among groups. Students experience hands-on learning in small classes, through assembling and programming the VEX Robotics System to perform various functions. For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/academic-camps/robotics-engineering.cfm.

Our Swim Camp is for competitive swimmers entering grades 7-12. This exciting, week-long camp is designed to enhance the technical aspects of stroke, training, and the strategies needed for each camper to compete at the top level of competitive swimming. Technical instructions, stretching and dry land training, training principles and stroke development are integral parts of the program. Both residential and commuter options are available. For dates, costs and registration information, visit www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/sports-camps/swimming.cfm

Our English and Western Equestrian Camps, for riders aged 14-17, accommodate hunt seat and western riding based on the gifts and needs of the participants. Instructors work with campers individually to help them define realistic personal goals at the beginning of the week and their lessons are directed toward helping them achieve those goals. Campers have lots of fun, refine their skills and have plenty of time to get to know the horses and each other. A student show is held at the end of the week to give campers an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned. For dates, costs and registration information, visit https://www.alfred.edu/about/community/summer-programs/sports-camps/english-equestrian.cfm

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