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New Hampton, NH
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New Hampton School cultivates lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens. We enhance the potential of students, promote academic success, and a caring community. Our students are talented artists, athletes, and leaders who often learn best through hands-on experiences.

We define global citizenship as:

  • Experiencing, exploring, and appreciating world cultures, traditions, histories, languages, and religions.
  • Connecting to relevant economic, social, and political issues to gain a sense of international-mindedness.
  • Engaging with real world issues to gain optimism, compassion, and empathy for individuals and communities that differ from those we know.
  • Using analytical thinking and social skills to be creative and to communicate effectively through academics, athletics, artistic expression, and service.
  • Increasing awareness of our relationship and responsibility to global sustainability.

Members of the New Hampton School Community demonstrate respect _ for self, others and New Hampton School by:

  • Working to our potential and making sound, healthy decisions
  • Empathizing with others _ exercising kindness and compassion and celebrating differences as strengths
  • Caring for our campus home and stewarding the schools legacy

They deomonstrate responsibility _ to evolve, make positive decisions, and contribute by:

  • Growing every day and taking full advantage of the many resources afforded by NHS
  • Practicing honesty and integrity in all matters _ always thinking before acting
  • Contributing to all areas of school life _ academics, athletics, residential, advisor group _ in order to foster a strong campus community and positively impact the world beyond our campus boundaries

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Participant Reviews

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