ZUMIX, Inc.

    ZUMIX, Inc.


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    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, Administrator, Special Events, Other
    • Minimum Age: 12
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    ZUMIX empowers young people to build successful futures for themselves, transforming lives and community through music, technology, and creative employment.

    ZUMIX offers free and low-cost after-school group and individual programming over three semesters: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

    ZUMIX has several specific opportunities for skilled volunteers.

    Please note that ZUMIX receives far more volunteer applications than we are able to accommodate. We thank you for filling out the application below, and we will be in touch if we are in need of your listed services. 

    Photography/Videography: During COVID-19, ZUMIX has moved all classes online. We are in critical need of video editors to work with our program staff to create high-quality videos for class presentations.

    Administrative, Development and/or Marketing work 

    Homework Tutor - Serve as an after-school homework helper and tutor for youth ages 12-17 who are in middle school or high school and support them in areas of need. Tutors are predominantly needed for English and math. Time commitment is 1-2 hours per week, between 4-8pm. 

    Rock Ed Mentor - Work with youth building their repertoire, learning to play better, both individually, and as a group, improving their performance skills, and understanding basic care of instruments in guitar, bass, drums, piano, and voice. Time commitment is a minimum of 2 hours per week, afternoons, and potential weekends.

    ZUMIX Radio Mentor - Develop a relationship with youth ages 12-14 who are starting their first music/talk shows and support them in making their shows the best they can be. Time commitment is 1-1.5 hours per week, mostly between 4-8pm.

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