Wilderness Works


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Preserving the Environment
    • Volunteer Type: Supervised Group, With Parent/Guardian
    • Minimum Age: 14
    • Call: 4044411087 ext. Recruiting Coordinator
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    Wilderness Works provides a series of graduated programs allowing children to develop between the years of eight and eighteen. Continuity is the watchword so that a child can “grow up” in Wilderness Works.

    Wilderness Works complements school calendars by providing a powerful alternative especially on weekends, school holidays and during summer months. Wilderness Works provides five chief programs: Day Camp, City Camp, Summer Camp, Core Camps and Field Camp.

    Wilderness Works serves primarily elementary aged children with approximately half as many youth that continue in more advanced programming on through teen years. Many Wilderness Works alumni continue in service during high school and college years in a chaperone or leadership capacity.

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