West End House Boys & Girls Club

    West End House Boys & Girls Club


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, Paid Position (eg. counselor), Special Events, Collect Goods
    • Minimum Age: 12
    • Call: (617) 787-4044
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    Inspiring and enabling youth from all backgrounds to realize their full potential.

    The mission of the West End House Boys & Girls Club is to inspire and enable youth from all backgrounds to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. A young person can get involved by becoming a member or volunteering. Members have access to a range of activities, including leadership, sports, educational, and recreational programs. As a volunteer, a teen can join one of our service groups or volunteer in the program to help with tutoring or youth activities.
    We are now poised to further expand our innovative and responsive programs for more than 1,500 youth from across Boston. Our current programs reflect a strategic transition to greater expectations and outcomes—we moved from an emphasis on swim/gym to full-body fitness, from hot meals to nutrition and education, from arts & crafts to arts mastery, and from summer jobs to career readiness. While we once focused on dropout prevention, today we prepare our youth for high school graduation and college completion

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