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    Start An EEqual Chapter @ Your School / Community Center


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Advocacy for Cause, Community Resources, Health and Well Being, Homelessness and Hunger, Promoting Volunteerism, Youth Outreach, Literacy and Education
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, Collect Goods
    • Minimum Age: 14
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    EEqual Chapters are a network of clubs led by youth activists from across the country who are committed to EEqual's mission of ending student homelessness through community service and education awareness campaigns. Chapters can be established anywhere - high schools, community centers, and teen clubhouses to name a few! Chapters are vital to EEqual's operation because together we can strive for education equity while supporting our vulnerable peers.

    All youth ages 14 - 21 are invited to become a Chapter President by establishing a Chapter at their school or community organization. Chapter Presidents will recruit students to become Chapter members, hold monthly Chapter meetings, and oversee all Chapter activities. Once a quarter, EEqual will send Chapter Presidents action items, service projects, and educational material for the Chapter to work on! The goal of Chapter activities is to start conversations among Chapter Members and their community, increase member education on student homelessness, and give back to the community through service projects. Chapters are always in communication with full-time EEqual staff, receiving all the materials and guidance needed to successfully run their Chapter.

    To Start and EEqual Chapter visit WWW.EEqual.org/Chapters, submit your brief application (Personal Information + Location), and EEqual's chapter team will reach out with next steps!