Vista View Park VIP

    Vista View Park VIP


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    When the Vista View Park opened to the public on July 12, 2003, the site had already served as the county's landfill in Davie for more than two decades (1964-1987). The cleanup was overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that led to the site's removal from the agency's National Priorities List in 2006.

    The final transformation into a park was made possible with initial funding from the Broward County Office of Integrated Waste Management, supplemented by money from the 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Referendum.

    In 2002, approximately 60 additional acres were acquired with $12.8 million, half of which came from a Florida Communities Trust grant and the other half from the 2000 bond program. The park then embarked on a nearly $7.2 million expansion, bringing the site to its current size of approximately 271.5 acres.

    Prior to the park's construction, natural communities were largely absent because of the site's history as cattle pasture and landfill. During the design phase, pockets of three re-created natural communities were incorporated into the plans. These habitats - dry prairie, mesic flatwoods, and hammock - were created by landscaping with some of the plants native to the communities, and as they grow and mature, it is anticipated that some of the animals naturally found in these respective communities will once again make Vista View their home.

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