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    VISIONS Service Adventures Custom Program – Dominican Republic

    VISIONS Service Adventures Custom Program – Dominican Republic


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Animal Rights and Rescue, Cultural Organizations, Community Resources, International Relief, Preserving the Environment, Promoting Volunteerism, Youth Outreach, Literacy and Education
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, With Parent/Guardian, Paid Position (eg. counselor), Other, Fundraising
    • Minimum Age: 12
    • Call: (406) 551-4423
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    More than 3500 Dominican children attend classes every year in schools that VISIONS teens and local partners have constructed over our 31 years working in the DR. We also lead a popular summer camp and shed any inhibitions while living in the heart of a joyful neighborhood where kids and elders alike help us with Spanish skills and bring us in for games, meals, dance lessons, and more. Time connecting with the natural world finds us at a mountainous lake, the beach, and short hikes. 

    In addition to our summer programs for teens, VISIONS runs high quality, GROUP volunteer travel programs for schools, clubs, families and others who want to travel with the spirit of community service, cultural immersion and adventure. 

    People who participate in VISIONS Dominican Republic experience more than one can possibly anticipate, with the richness and fullness that comes from being part of a community, in every sense of the world. Understand what it must be like to have inadequate educational resources, but help make a difference while building classrooms with local friends and partners who share your passion. You’ll also run a popular day camp for local children, and perhaps also help with animal welfare initiatives. 

    Time is also carved out for adventure and exploration, including to beaches, trails, an organic cacao farm to make chocolate, Latin dance lessons, baseball games, and more. 

    VISIONS group volunteer programs can be customized for durations of one to four weeks and are open to people of all ages.

    Learn more on our website or by calling the VISIONS office at 406-551-4423.