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    Sunnyside Community Services

    Sunnyside Community Services


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Community Resources
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, With Parent/Guardian, Special Events
    • Minimum Age: 15
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    At Sunnyside Community Services, we enrich lives and strengthen communities through services and engagement for individuals at all ages, beginning with those most in need.

    At Sunnyside Community Services, volunteers of all ages and every walk of life lend their hands and put their hearts into assisting in  the various programs that help so many people offered by Sunnyside Community Services. 

    Volunteer opportunities include:

    • Youth Services
    • Older Adult Services
    • Friendly Visiting
    • Pet Pals
    • Administrative Support
    • Corporate Engagement

    For more information about Sunnyside Community Services, visit our website!