Sunday Circle


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: People with Disabilities
    • Volunteer Type: Individual
    • Minimum Age: 15
    • Call: 2677148657
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    Join your buddy to take part in fun activities like playing games, creating artistic masterpieces, and adding their unique beat to musical jam sessions while their parents join our popular networking and information programs or simply enjoy some free time.

    Our team of programming experts design dynamic activities for children, teens, and young adults, both with and without disabilities. This thoughtful approach makes Sunday Circle a platform for connecting and forming new friendships.

    Working with facilitators, who specialize in programming for individuals with disabilities, our professional staff create programs that effortlessly accommodate everyone's needs, are interactive, and exciting. Art, Cooking, Sports, Karate, Dance, Movement, Music, and More. We support individual play as well through various independent activities friends can do on their own. With the support of our Behavioral Staff we model how to be good friends, helping participants build new relationships.

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