Rubye’s Kids, Inc.


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    Our mission is to “empower children in need” by providing resources and joyful, enriching experiences that promote strong values, education, respect for self and others, and commitment to community.

    Please help us provide less fortunate children right here in Philadelphia with Rubye’s Kids Duffle Bags:

    Prepared semi-annually


    To ease the transition from home to a homeless shelter by providing children with a fluffy pillow, a positive affirmation pillow case, and essential toiletries

    Volunteer to stuff duffle bags

    Donate bars of soap, Head and Shoulders shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, hair pick

    Keeping it Positive donates $5.00 to Rubye’s Kids for every Pillowcase sold!


    Shelters are not permitted to issue pillows to residents. Families are only permitted to bring one bag per person, and children usually do not arrive with their own pillow. A pillow offers a child the opportunity to sleep more comfortably while experiencing the trauma of homelessness. The positive affirmation pillowcase is to promote self-esteem at this volatile time.

    Rubye’s Kids Backpacks:

    Prepared annually in August; distributed in September


    To provide children living in homeless shelters with high quality school supplies.

    Purchase school supplies on list

    Volunteer to stuff backpacks


    600 backpacks filled with pencil cases, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, whiteboard markers, glue, calculators, folders and tissues.
    Additional supplies for elementary students include composition books, crayons, and colored markers; older students’ packs include binders, filler paper and spiral notebooks

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