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    Project Step

    Project Step


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Youth Outreach
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Administrator, Special Events
    • Minimum Age: 15
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    With initial support from the Boston Symphony and others in the Boston area, William Moyer, then-Orchestra Personnel Manager of the BSO,  helped design and launch Project STEP to provide comprehensive and long-term training, and a lasting connection to the surrounding community.

    The goals of Project STEP are to: address the under-representation of Black and Latino musicians in professional classical music ensembles by preparing them to compete and succeed in that world, demonstrate to all aspiring young musicians that the classical music profession is open to any gifted, well-trained and disciplined performer, regardless of racial or ethnic background, and positively affect the lives of STEP students, their families and their communities through classical music. The most useful volunteer help would be in the office, updating files. This is administrative work, and not too interesting, but would accomplish a lot and be very helpful. Secondly, volunteers can help at events, although we have only about three per year and our families are happy to help - so this is minimal. Finally, when we have mailings, we have a stuffing/stamping party that includes food. Volunteers are welcome.