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    The Foundation for Hospital Art: Painting Hearts

    The Foundation for Hospital Art: Painting Hearts


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    The Foundation for Hospital Art was established in 1984 and is dedicated to involving patients and volunteers worldwide to create colorful, soothing artwork donated to hospitals to help soften the often stressful hospital experience. Throughout the years, over 1,000,000 volunteers and patients have united to create over 50,000 paintings for over 7,500 hospitals in 195 countries. We welcome your love and support in invite you to join us in our mission of compassion through art.

    Are you a teenager in need of service hours? We help high school students to reach their community service hour requirements. Our student-led “Painting Hearts” group is the perfect way to get involved and serve your community. Does your school not have a Painting Hearts Club? Start your own! Local options to volunteer in the studio are available in Woodstock, GA. If you are not local to Woodstock sponsorship may be required.

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