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    Northwest Assistance Ministries


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Community Resources, Health and Well Being, Homelessness and Hunger, Youth Outreach
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, With Parent/Guardian
    • Minimum Age: 16
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    Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) is a nonprofit, community-based, multi-program social service agency that strives to meet basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors. NAM provides assistance in areas including food, shelter, health, education, safety and financial education.

    For youth participants, please download our Parent/Guardian Permission Form. NAM could not do what it does without volunteers. It’s as simple as that. More than 2,000 people serve NAM on a regular basis. There’s a place for you at NAM as well. You have a unique contribution to make, because no one else has your same blend of experiences, skills, and personality. No one else is you!

    Please visit our website for the latest volunteer opportunities.