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    The North Texas Poison Center (NTPC)

    The North Texas Poison Center (NTPC)


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Community Resources, Health and Well Being
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, With Parent/Guardian, Other
    • Minimum Age: 13
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    The Texas Poison Center Network (TPCN) provides information to citizens who suspect they have been exposed to toxic substances, or may have had adverse reactions to food, plants, or insect stings.

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at your local Poison Center, where you will make a difference in the lives of many Texans. Each volunteer makes a significant contribution. Volunteering provides the opportunity for adults and students to gain valuable experience, learn new skills, make friends and serve people who need their help. Volunteers in the Poison Center help families through education, outreach and administrative support. For more information about volunteering, please visit our website.