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    REALTalkDC of Whitman-Walker Health (formerly Metro TeenAIDS)

    REALTalkDC of Whitman-Walker Health (formerly Metro TeenAIDS)


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    • Category: Advocacy for Cause, Community Resources, Health and Well Being, Youth Outreach
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    • Minimum Age: 13
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    Our Youth Services are about education, prevention and helping you understand your health needs. From free HIV/STI/pregnancy testing to lessons on safer sex, our youth team will answer all your questions.

    Looking for a safe and stigma-free space to share your thoughts? Youth mental Health services are open to all young person ages 13-24 who have experienced or witnessed something that is difficult to talk about (i.e. crime).

    RealTalkDC is our main youth program. It connects you to free health resources and offers a safe space for you to express yourself. RealTalkDC provides inclusive sexual health education for young people ages 13-24 through presentations in schools and programing at the RealTalkDC Peer Education Center.

    RealTalkDC also provides the following free services: Peer Education Program Peer-to-Peer Outreach Leaders in Training - L.I.T. DC Service and A Movie Vibe and Thrive Thursdays Word Wednesday Floetic Uptown and Floetic Friday Movie Night Trivia Night Game Night Sex, Milk and Cookies Youth Prevention Services Youth Testing Services