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    Higher Achievement

    Higher Achievement


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Youth Outreach
    • Volunteer Type: Individual
    • Minimum Age: 15
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    Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. In Baltimore, DC Metro, Pittsburgh, and Richmond, Higher Achievement steps in to give scholars supplemental academic support in communities that lack the resources to start all students on equal footing.

    Middle school is the last, best chance that a student has to get on the path for post-secondary success, and at Higher Achievement, we are committed to helping students in under-served communities defy the odds and set a different course.

    Higher Achievement closes the opportunity gap during the pivotal middle school years. By leveraging the power of communities, Higher Achievement’s proven model provides a rigorous year-round learning environment, caring role models, and a culture of high expectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.