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    GlamourGals: Start a Chapter at Your High School

    GlamourGals: Start a Chapter at Your High School


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Advocacy for Cause, Aging with Dignity, Community Resources, Health and Well Being, Promoting Volunteerism, Youth Outreach
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Supervised Group, Special Events, Online
    • Minimum Age: 13
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    GlamourGals organizes and supports volunteer chapters in high school and college who provide companionship and our signature program of complimentary beauty makeovers to elderly residents in senior care.

    Our mission is two-fold: elderly residents in care feel a renewed sense of community and self-worth, while teen volunteers gain essential leadership skills demonstrating empathy and compassion through our intergenerational programming.

    Start a GlamourGals chapter at your school!

    To start a chapter at your school, you simply need a chapter president (you!), a faculty advisor and other student volunteers. We help make the process easy for you so you can start helping local seniors in need as soon as possible. GlamourGals chapters meet with local seniors on a monthly basis. This allows our volunteers to make meaningful connections and friendships with seniors they interact with regularly.

    Our signature program is a complimentary beauty makeover and manicure to residents in senior care. To start a chapter, please schedule a call with us at calendly.com/startachapter so we can help you begin the process. You will then get approval from your school and partner with a senior home, and you can begin changing the lives of seniors in your community!

    Due to COVID-19, we continue to offer virtual opportunities as well, including letter-writing and meeting with seniors virtually on Zoom. Through our My Dear Friend campaign, volunteers write kind notes to residents of senior homes. You can find more information about MDF at the following link: https://www.glamourgals.org/program/my-dear-friend

    To learn more about GlamourGals, please visit our website, glamourgals.org. You may also schedule a 15-minute call with Chapter Recruitment Assistant Catherine at calendly.com/startachapter, or call 631-525-3339.