Foundation for Second Chances, Inc.


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    • Volunteer Type: Individual, With Parent/Guardian, Other
    • Minimum Age: 16
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    Foundation for Second Chances (FFSC) is a community based organization that utilizes hands-on education, mentoring, health awareness and community service to maximize the potential of youth. Second Chances’ goal is to make sure that our children are given all that they need to thrive.

    Foundation for Second Chances (FFSC) is a community based organization featuring afterschool, tutoring, reading literacy, leadership, mentoring and community service programs. We empower youth to achieve and sustain academic and personal success by working with them to develop positive life habits and break through limiting societal stigmas.

    S.T.E.M: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Foundation for Second Chances S.T.E.M Program provides underrepresented youth in South Los Angeles the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering, and math concepts above and beyond what is available at their traditional local schools. FFSC’s S.T.E.M Program is a yearlong program that utilizes an innovative curriculum, guest speakers, hands-on projects, and peer-to-peer mentoring that will teach students STEM concepts and allow them to participate in a number of enrichment activities.

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