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    • Minimum Age: 14
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    First Graduate's mission is to help students finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college. We make a 10-year commitment to students, starting the summer after sixth grade through college graduation. 

    Career Exploration Volunteers: Expose students to the many career opportunities that are available with a college degree. These volunteers share their professional experience and provide resume, job, internship, and interview advice that allows our students to grow professionally with confidence. Career Exploration Volunteers play a huge role in getting our students excited about a future career. 

    College Mentoring Volunteers: Support First Graduate students with any opportunity that helps them get closer to finding the right high school and college for them, writing the perfect personal statement essay and supporting them during their first year in college.

    Academic Volunteers: Play a major role in keeping our students on their path towards college. With the many speed bumps that a student might face throughout their academic journey, academic volunteers are there to make sure that students maintain the grades that they need to be college eligible. These volunteers dedicate their time to tutoring and mentoring our students so that they feel confident when entering college.

    Family Engagement Volunteers: The moment a student joins First Graduate we make a commitment not only to them but to their family as well. Our active Parent Association supports our dedicated FG parents that, just like their kids, are navigating the education system. Help strengthen the relationships that FG staff has with student families.

    Skill-Based Volunteers: Support add expertise to First Graduate’s fundraising and marketing strategies and implementation. Since we are still a fairly small organization, volunteers with experience in website development, Salesforce, social media, marketing, grant writing, and videography are highly encouraged to apply.

    Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities: For volunteer opportunities that are long-term such as Coach 3.0, Middle School Mentor, College Essay Coach, and any skill-based opportunities, all interested volunteers will need to attend a specific info session and orientation.

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