Elder Helpers

    Elder Helpers


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Aging with Dignity
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Other
    • Minimum Age: 18
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    Elder Helpers is a user-friendly, web-based service. We believe that compassion at its finest is free. Volunteers register to offer services based on their true desire to help elders. The Elder Helpers program strives to safely and conveniently connect these dedicated volunteers with elders in their communities.

    First: Make sure that you have a great profile picture, smiley ones are better! Second: Review your biography. If you were seeking help for your mother or grandmother and read your biography would you trust yourself? Would you feel comfortable calling up to ask for help? Third: Get your background checked. If you were seeking help for a family member, would you think it's ok to ask the help of someone you have never met to help your parent without running a background check first? Probably not. IntelliCorp is a very serious company and we feel comfortable with the quality of their background check service. Due the large number of volunteers using our service, we are not able to cover the cost of your background check for you. But don’t worry, we have negotiated volume prices with them and passed on the discount to you. Fourth: Help us spread the word on facebook by "liking" the Elderhelpers.org page and recommending it to your friends. Fifth: Wait for someone to contact you. If you don’t want to sit around waiting for the volunteer opportunity to fall in your lap, keep posting flyers with your name on it in your community - It pays off!

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