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    Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary

    Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Community Resources, Promoting Volunteerism, Youth Outreach
    • Volunteer Type: Supervised Group
    • Minimum Age: 12
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    Do you want to serve your community?  Learn new skills? Do you love aviation?  Join Civil Air Patrol - The US Air Force Auxiliary!  Contact us today and learn more!

    Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program transforms youth (ages 12-17) into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders through a curriculum that focuses on leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. As cadets participate in these four elements, they advance through a series of achievements, earning honors and increased responsibilities along the way. Many of the nation’s astronauts, pilots, engineers and scientists first explored their careers through CAP.