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    LEGO Drive by BrickRecycler.com

    LEGO Drive by BrickRecycler.com


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Community Resources, People with Disabilities, Preserving the Environment, Youth Outreach, Faith-Based
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Online
    • Minimum Age: 12
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    A “LEGO drive” is a really fun and easy community service project that individuals, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, schools, teens, clubs, and church groups can do.

    LEGO makes some of the most popular, durable, and timeless toys in existence. Actually over 1.1 trillion of them!  Unfortunately, many of the 60 billion pieces that are produced each year, get stuck in storage bins or end up landfills. LEGO pieces can’t be recycled, but can be reused, and can bring so much joy to others. There are countless parents and kids who would really love to see their precious Lego pieces reused by someone less fortunate.

    Please visit our website for more information and to participate in our Community Service Project. We find homes for these pieces, ranging from orphanages in third world countries (via missionaries), Title 1 schools that don't have funds to buy them, and even specific hospitals for children with Leukemia or even people waiting on heart transplant lists. We even did a press release with photos called: Teens Lead Charge in Plastic Waste Reduction with LEGO® Recycling Initiatives for Earth Month