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    Your College Fit


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: College Advisor
    • Affiliations: Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), National Association for College Admission Counseling
    • Service Delivery: Online
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    Your College Fit is the source for college counseling in the Puget Sound region and beyond. I work with students online and, as conditions allow, in person.? I have over 30 yrs experience as a College Counselor, helping students find their dream schools.

    The goal of Your College Fit is to help you find and apply to colleges that fit your educational and personal needs. This begins with guided discussions of your high school plans and your goals for college, and continues through your selection of the college you will attend. To help you choose a group of colleges that will fit your needs, Your College Fit offers several different levels of service. While Your College Fit has contacts at many colleges, Your College Fit does not have special pull with colleges and cannot guarantee admission to any school.