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    Write the World: FREE Jumpstart Your College Essay Webinar

    Write the World: FREE Jumpstart Your College Essay Webinar


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    Jumpstart Your College Essay is a FREE 30-minute on-demand webinar. Join us on this inspiring journey, and walk away with the tools, confidence, and clarity to tackle one of the most important pieces of the college application. We welcome students in grades 9-11 to find and own their story through a Harvard-incubated curriculum. This webinar will position you to amaze admissions officers with authenticity, insight, and skill.

    In just 30 minutes, you will gain:

    • An introduction to the college essay form, the common application essay questions, and tips on what admissions officers are looking for in a stellar essay
    • Access to our interactive, 20-page e-workbook—a tour guide to steer your journey toward that “right fit” essay topic
    • Dozens of dynamic prompts and exercises to help you shape your personal narrative
    • Inspiration from model college essays to serve as springboards for brainstorming
    • Insight into some of the most impactful parts of your identity and lived experience, and practice channeling this understanding into compelling writing
    • Stronger writing, critical thinking, and metacognitive skills for college and beyond
    • Confidence to take the next step in the college application process

    The FREE comprehensive E-workbook included has 20 pages of interactive prompts, ideas for inspiration, supplemental resources, and more!

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