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    World Student Support

    World Student Support


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    World Student Support was founded to help students and families find the appropriate educational resources, be it in the United States or overseas. World Student Support understands the challenges when attempting to locate the right program in the right country.

    Sandy Furth* is the owner of World Student Support. She is an Independent Educational Consultant based in Golden, Colorado and sometimes London, England. Although based in Colorado, she is able to meet virtually with students and their families living in all areas of the country. Sandy is committed to helping families around the globe locate educational programs worldwide.

    World Student Support prides itself in its personalized services in order to assist families with:

    University Advising
    World Student Support assists students with the university search worldwide. Sandy has visited and evaluated a vast number of universities in order to provide families with information regarding school choice.

    For Students with Specific Learning Needs
    Students faced with specific learning/neurological issues (i.e. dyslexia, ADHD, Aspergers) often face additional steps in the process of transitioning to university. Examples include: Creating an appropriate university list, standardized test advice regarding accommodations and registration, transition to university-including the process of how to obtain accommodations in Higher Education, coaching regarding self advocacy skills.

    Boarding and Day School
    Families choose schools for a variety of purposes. Some families make a move abroad and out of necessity may have to locate a boarding school for their student. Or a family may need to locate a school to suit their student’s specific learning needs, whether it be support with English as a Second Language, support for specific learning issues, or accelerated learning. Sandy will assist families in locating the school appropriate for a students approach to learning.

    Gap Year
    Gap Year: A time in-between – sometimes school, whether it be high school or while in university is a time to reassess ones life’s goals. Perhaps high school and university are/was filled with intense academics, not much breathing room and the thought of university and more academics leaves one cold. With that in mind, World Student Support can assist students in locating a variety of experiential programs that include anything from academic, volunteer to cultural options.

    Families may need some assistance in locating programs for summer. Specialty areas may include: Academics, ESL, Learning Support, artistic, combination of educational and recreational, or just recreational.

    Referral to Psychologists, Educational Specialists and Tutors and Test Prep
    Sandy keeps a well vetted list of the above specialists who can work with any student for needs that may include tutorial help for specific subjects, psychologists for diagnosis of learning issues and test prep for standardized testing.

    *About Sandy Furth
    Sandy Furth has a Masters Degree from the University of Utah, her College Counseling from University of California/Los Angeles (With Distinction) and her Bachelor’s Degree from University of New Mexico. In addition, she has taught College Counseling courses for the Independent Educational Consulting Association’s Summer Training Institute. She is available for a variety of presentations from Transitioning Students with Learning Needs to University, Why Boarding? Kids in Crisis, Families in Need.

    Previous to her consulting profession, Sandy taught for 20 years. She and her family lived in Japan, Malaysia and England while teaching at t international schools. Sandy has extensive experience with students who have specific learning issues, as well as students in the International Baccalaureate program. She currently sits on a board of an IB World School for gifted students.