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    Till: Debit Card for Kids

    Till: Debit Card for Kids


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    Till is a free app and debit card combo that lets kids and parents collaborate on smarter spending decisions.

    With Till, it’s easier than ever for parents to find teachable moments to help their kids learn financial literacy. Till is intuitive, easy to use, and fits seamlessly into a family’s lifestyle to help demystify money management for kids as they grow into smarter spenders.

    With Till, you can:

    • Pay for everyday items with your own debit card
    • Sync your card with Apple Pay
    • Track spending and saving
    • Give money to kids instantly
    • Automate allowance payments
    • Securely link to an external bank account
    • Refer friends and family to earn bonuses

    Benefits for kids:

    • Independence of making their own financial decisions
    • Learn through experience with spending
    • Easier to use in the cashless economy
    • Access to money when they need it
    • Preparation for the real world
    • Buy the things they want and learn saving techniques

    Benefits for parents:

    • Makes monitoring kids’ spending simple
    • Take the stress out of family conversations about money
    • Peace of mind that kids are doing the right thing
    • Confidence that they’ll be ready for the future
    • Easy to use, easy to make sure kids have the money they need