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    Worried about how you'll do in college? Even people who crush high school struggle in college. Not getting the grades, switching to easier majors, abandoning dream careers. Fortunately, there's an answer. Reinforce your learning strategies now with Thinker Academy's online study skills course.

    Thinker Academy presents cutting-edge study skills in an engaging online format:

    • Covers memory, textbook reading, note taking, time management, and test taking to boost skills needed in school and life
    • Scientifically-proven study techniques for deep, motivated learning
    • More than online videos – interactive demonstrations, exercises, and quizzes to keep learners engaged
    • Explanatory graphics tie in with audio lessons for integrated visual and verbal learning that sticks
    • Content as well as technical support is like having a tutor on hand for personal engagement
    • Middle school, high school, and college examples show relevance of the learning skills across education levels
    • Learners have unlimited access to the course for 3 months to allow ample time for completion
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