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    The Youth Career Coach Inc.

    The Youth Career Coach Inc.


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    The Youth Career Coach Inc. was established in August 2009 by Dr. Natascha F. Saunders. Dr. Saunders is a highly respected expert in career development, experiential education, and vocational services. Our mission is to empower students with self-awareness and market-ready skills. At YCC Inc., we achieve our vision through coaching, consulting, and workshops. We proudly serve a diverse range of students, and we support the educators and counselors who work with students!

    Our key objectives at The Youth Career Coach Inc. include:

    • Guiding students to discover their dreams and aspirations.
    • Breaking down barriers to employment and career success.
    • Ensuring students are equipped with the skills they need for the job market.
    • Recognizing, listening to, and nurturing purpose-driven ambitions.
    • Offering a platform for students to solve career-related challenges.

    Over the years, The Youth Career Coach Inc. has had the privilege of serving numerous clients, including BNY, Luke C. Moore, Harvard, PwC, George Mason University, Johns Hopkins University, MIT Sloan School of Management, Lake State Superior, Year-Up, Boston University Upward Bound, Inroads, Howard University, TRIO Programs, Boston Public Schools, Boston Public Library, Washington Library, Department of Human Services, Foster Care in New York, Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey, and many others.

    We are deeply passionate about talent development and believe in the power of transferable skills. Regardless of industry or academic background, we understand that the principles of networking, branding, communication, and job search are universal. While nuances and cultural differences may exist, the foundational principles remain the same.

    Whether you're interested in our workshops, curriculum, consulting, recruiting services, or market research, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals.