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    • I took the test in high school though I have now graduated from college and I have been surprised by how accurate my test results have aligned with and predicted my future life and goals. I highly recommend taking this test and doing a follow-up conversation a few years later as it will not only help you better understand yourself but it will also help you decide on different career paths. This organization was definitely worth the time and money!

      - Adrienne A. - March 30, 2020
    • Life changing and SO satisfying! This program was life changing, not only for myself (when I was 30 years old) but also for my siblings, nieces and nephews to whom I've been recommending the JOC aptitude testing for years! My sister was studying industrial engineering at Poly but was not feeling it was a good fit, and she couldn't say why. JOC led her to consider graphic design, she changed her major. She's now a very talented graphic designer and JOC started her on her successful career! My good friend went with her son when he was a senior in high school and it helped him choose between two college majors he was considering. For me, it did not change my path but was a lesson in which aptitudes I needed to use in my life -- whether in career or hobbies or for fun. It offers a wealth of information which sheds light on all kinds of things, struggles, choices and direction, leading to greater life satisfaction and happiness. It's totally worth every dime and I would strongly suggest considering this if you have a college-bound child in high school. It's truly illuminating.

      - Theresa M. - September 13, 2018
    • Having your teen take the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation aptitude test is, hands down, the very best thing you can do for their college and/or career planning. The JOC test presents an accurate picture of one's aptitudes- consider these natural-born strengths that do not change with time. An example is Ideaphoria, the ability to generate ideas rapidly. This aptitude is a must for fields like sales or teaching. Having a low Ideaphoria score is not a bad thing, it just steers you away from potentially frustrating jobs where a fast flow of ideas is critical. The staff are top notch- knowledgeable, friendly and always open to any questions we have. The aptitude profiles for our teenagers have helped immensely in guiding them into the college majors and career fields that will suit them best.

      - Lisa Goss - December 19, 2022
    • This semester I began my last year of classes as a student in Northeastern University’s M.S. Biotechnology program. In this program, I’m pursuing a concentration in Process Science, with the goal of working in biologics process development after graduation.  This fall, I will begin my search for a co-op that focuses on biologics process development. I’m excited to pursue roles in process development because this field aligns with my values and the skills I want to develop during the next stage of my professional life. I want to work on team-based projects that allow me to continuously learn new scientific concepts, solve problems, design and optimize processes, and improve people’s quality of life. I’d like to thank the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. The information I gained from this organization helped me make informed decisions about which educational and professional opportunities I want to pursue. I would not be a graduate student right now or pursuing a career in biotechnology if I had not come across the research conducted by this organization.

      - Anthony Neri - March 19, 2024