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    The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation (Boca Raton, Florida)

    The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation (Boca Raton, Florida)


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    With over 100 years of research into human aptitudes and careers, the nonprofit Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation (JOCRF) offers comprehensive career aptitude testing that provides objective information about your teenager's natural talents (aptitudes).

    Each person's unique combination of aptitudes can predict the types of careers and college majors they'll thrive in. 

    Aptitude Testing Provides Objective Data

    Unlike "yes or no" personality tests or interest surveys, aptitude testing is a series of interactive, performance-based tasks that provide objective data about how your teenager’s mind naturally likes to work. Choosing a college major or career direction based on interest or even grades in high school can lead students down the wrong path when they get to college. They might discover that their interests have changed or that they’re struggling in the advanced classes required for their major.

    Aptitude testing gets to the heart of where their real potential lies. And, since aptitudes are relatively stable over time, their natural talents won’t change. Aptitude test results can be used to make career and school decisions throughout their lives.

    Interactive, Comprehensive Testing

    Clients spend ~6 hours with dedicated staff, away from modern distractions, providing the mental space to engage with a variety of interactive assessments that challenge different aspects of their mind. Testing can be completed in one day or spread out over two separate half days in one of our 15 testing locations across the United States.

    Half of the tests are administered one-on-one by a trained test administrator, while the other half are audiovisual tests. Most of the aptitude assessments feel more like hands-on puzzles or games than like school tests, and no advanced preparation or studying is required. There are no “good” or “bad” scores on any aptitude test. Every person has their own unique combination of aptitudes. 

    The minimum age for testing is 14.

    JOCRF’s proprietary test battery measures 21 different aptitudes:

    • Reasonings
    • Ideating
    • Goal-setting
    • Auditory
    • Visual
    • Clerical processing speed
    • Numerical
    • Language-learning
    • Dexterity
    • Physical drive

    Clients also take an industry standard career interest survey called The Self-Directed Search and a multiple-choice English vocabulary test based on decades of research into the correlation between vocabulary level and career success.

    One-On-One Attention

    Each person’s unique combination of low, average, and high scores is explained in 60-90 minute consultation sessions where a trained aptitude consultant will make career and college major recommendations that are the best fits for their unique aptitude pattern.

    Their scores on the full battery of assessments will be provided in a ~20-page written report that includes information about their aptitudes and a broad list of career suggestions. Two consultation sessions are included in the test fee.

    Their scores won’t expire or be deleted over time. They can schedule additional consultations at any point in their lives to revisit their scores and discuss their next career steps.

    As a nonprofit organization, our focus is on our clients, not on sales or up-charges. We keep our test fee as low as possible while covering our overhead costs.

    A Competitive Advantage that Saves Time and Resources

    Aptitude testing provides increased confidence and certainty for students as they navigate high school, college, and career and helps them make informed choices about which classes, degree programs, and extracurricular opportunities to pursue. 

    JOCRF clients who use aptitude testing to choose a college major stay in that major at higher rates than the average student who might change their major up to three times. Our research also shows that clients whose careers match their aptitudes report higher rates of satisfaction in their work. 

    With the career landscape changing faster than ever, understanding the types of work that will give your teenager the best chance of success and satisfaction is essential.

    Find out why we’re called a best kept secret in college and career planning!