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    The Fluency Factory


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    • Sub-Categories: SAT Prep, Academic Tutoring, ACT Prep, ISEE Prep
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    For 12 years we've been helping K-12 students in Boston's South Shore area excel in school. Our track record of success includes these areas: Standardized test prep, intensive catch-up, accelerated learning, individual subjects, English as a second language, and special education services.

    At the Fluency Factory we train each of our tutors in several highly effective teaching technologies. We provide a data-driven program, using the best possible tools to create the most rapid improvement that we can obtain for each student. Our tutors come to us with a great deal of prior experience and training. Many of them have been working with children throughout their lives as counselors, babysitters, or teacher aides. Every tutor receives approximately forty hours of training, including training in The Maloney Method reading program; Precision Teaching, charting, problem-solving, and instruction; TAGTeach; and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).