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    The College Funding Coach


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    The College Funding Coach helps families better understand the complex strategies for saving and paying for college and making higher education more affordable. Since 2002, The College Funding Coach team has been on a mission to help families make the college dream a reality...and still retire one day.


    In our Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College workshop you will learn:

    • How to avoid jeopardizing your retirement nest egg.
    • Effective ways to simultaneously save AND pay for college.
    • Advantages and disadvantages of various financial strategies, including 529 plans.
    • Strategies to pay for multiple children attending college at the same time.
    • How to recapture out of pocket college costs.


    The College Funding Coach team is available to answer all of your questions about saving for college, understanding the process, and planning ahead for other life-changing events such as retirement. Learn more about our national network of coaches by visiting our website.

    You'll also find a number of tools to help in your funding process such as EFC calculator, college savings estimator, 529 state tax and fee comparison calculator and more.

    Click on our website to check it out!