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    Struve College Consulting

    Struve College Consulting


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    As a former UC Berkeley advisor, I provide college admissions advice you can trust in a kind, supportive environment for your high schooler.

    My name is Juliana Struve and I’m the founder of Struve College Consulting, LLC. I offer personalized and comprehensive college admissions consulting for high school students and their families. My objective is to help students achieve their college dreams by guiding them through the entire application process from A-Z.

    My approach is grounded in the belief that each student's journey is unique, deserving of tailored support that recognizes their distinct strengths, aspirations, and challenges. I specialize in empowering students across all disciplines, from future engineers and scientists to aspiring writers and those still exploring their interests. I love working with students who aren’t sure of what they want to study!

    Embark on a Transformational Journey:

    Starting early is the key to building a solid foundation for your college admissions journey. I invite your student to embark on a transformational journey with me, beginning as early as ninth grade. By engaging with Struve College Consulting, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, strategic guidance, and unwavering mentorship for your high schooler that will make a tangible difference in their academic and personal growth. Think of this as a great introduction to adulting - learning to interact with adults who aren’t their teachers or parents!

    Personalized Strategies for Success:

    I believe in the power of a personalized approach. Through one-on-one consultations, I will work collaboratively to understand your student’s goals and aspirations. I will then create tailored strategies that encompass academic planning, extracurricular engagement, standardized test preparation, essay coaching, and interview readiness.

    Let Me be Your Guide:

    Your student’s college journey is not just about getting in; it's about finding the right fit for their personal and academic growth. As a college admissions consultant, I go beyond admissions statistics, guiding my students to discover universities where they will thrive academically, socially, and personally.

    Take the Next Step:

    Embark on a journey that transcends expectations and unlocks your student’s potential. Contact Struve College Consulting today for a complimentary initial consultation, and let's navigate the path to your student’s academic and future success together.