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    Strategic Academic Success

    Strategic Academic Success


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    Strategic Academic Success specializes in boutique-level educational tutoring and customized scholastic instruction aimed at helping students worldwide achieve their academic goals.

    Our unique blend of academic aid combines the time-tested models of individual tutoring with its ability to hone and focus a student’s specific needs with innovative group-based learning that fosters organic co-operative intellectual growth. Each of our tutors and instructors are hand-picked and possess broad knowledge levels and superior pedagogical skills that maximize each student’s take-aways.

    At SAS, we take seriously our commitment to our students and are fully engaged in helping everyone that comes our way acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to achieve their goals. We treat students and parents as collaborative partners on this journey and take pride in every student that we help achieve the success for which they work so hard.

    SAS helps families and students:

    • Reduce stress by providing expert guidance
    • Stay organized and meet deadlines
    • Develop personalized plans that accentuate the student’s strengths
    • Streamline application process by organizing the process by task
    • Research schools that will fit the academic and social needs of the student
    • Leverage strengths in various parts of the application
    • Learn strategies to maximize their efforts
    • Get the most out of the admissions process
    • Stay on track throughout the entire application process with our personalized student portal software. This hub allows students and SAS to monitor progress and ensures that important documents can always be found.

    At Strategic Academic Success, we guide students through every step of the way. From school selection to essay review and post-application support, we've got you covered!


    We offer academic as well as test prep (SAT, ACT, etc.) tutoring for a variety of subjects. After diagnostic testing, we develop a plan that best suits the needs of the student and family.


    Diagnostic testing includes proctoring of test and detailed test analysis to pinpoint areas of weakness and what material should be focused on in preparation for the test as well as a recommendation as to which test is better suited for the student. Diagnostic tests are available for SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP Exams, TOEFL, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, ISEE, and SSAT.Benchmark testing includes assessing a student's performance throughout the test preparation process to mark progress and make adjustments to preparation as needed.


    It is increasingly the case that academic success at a collegiate level is the difference maker in having a successful career. Moreover, successful collegiate careers are not necessarily had by simply reading books and doing homework but by understanding what drives, motivates and stimulates a student personally. This is why the core principle that lies at the heart of Strategic Academic Success is tailored learning.

    SAS college consulting takes a personalized approach to every student and aims to strategically help them tackle the difficult realities of the college application process. From making school lists to taking standardized tests to conducting interviews and writing essays, a student's life in these few years will shape them more than the decade that came before it. With this in mind, our college consultants carefully mentor each student and their parents through the application process.

    Services include but are not limited to:

    • Academic Tutoring
    • Diagnostic/Benchmark Testing
    • College Admissions
    • Private School Admissions
    • Gradulate School Admissions
    • Transfer Student Assistance
    • Graduate School Advising

    SAS works with students both locally and globally.