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    SoFlo Test Prep and Tutoring

    SoFlo Test Prep and Tutoring


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    We are exceptional SAT and ACT tutors that develop a personalized strategy tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses. Our founder Adam Shlomi had an 800 in Reading and 770 in Math on the SAT went to Georgetown University, and has been tutoring for five years. We also offer free tutoring to those in need.

    We offer online or in-person SAT/ACT tutoring. Working individually with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, an exceptional tutor will develop a test prep strategy to reduce test anxiety, improve timing, and teach tricks. By using this SoFlo method, our students improve 150 points on average.

    Every SoFlo tutor scored at least a 1500/1600 on the SAT and went to a top university such as Princeton, Georgetown, or Johns Hopkins. The secret of our success comes from high quality tutors giving students individualized attention.

    Our founder Adam Shlomi scored a perfect 800 in Reading and a 770 in Math for a total SAT score of 1570. Adam's scores for both tests are in the 99th percentile. Additionally, Adam was an AP Scholar with distinction and a National Merit Semi-Finalist. Adam attended Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and majored in International Business.

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    • Helped my Son get into Yale and boosted his SAT score 260 points!!
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      Reviewed on Jun/14/2021 by Sarah Beyda

      I hired SoFlo SAT Tutoring to help my older son, Kevin, improve his SAT score and get into college. Hiring SoFlo is one of the best choices I ever made. They've changed my son's life by helping him get into Yale. It wouldn't have happened without SoFlo

      My son had an amazing test prep tutor, Charlie, who increased his score 260 points!! My son worked hard with Charlie, meeting him throughout the spring and summer in two-hour sessions once a week.

      Right from the beginning, the process was all very organized. Kevin took a diagnostic test that Charlie used to target certain aspects of the SAT. My son was better at math than English at the start, so Charlie worked through many practice tests with Kevin to show him the different types of questions and how best to answer them. Charlie was a great tutor who really got through to Kevin. Kevin took the SAT three times and improved his score 260 points from when we first started.

      We were so impressed with the SAT Prep that we started using SoFlo for college help. We worked with a college admissions counselor from Princeton to help Kevin write unique college essays and work with us through the application process. They helped Kevin create a healthy college list, with schools that were financially feasible for us and that fit Kevin well. It's been many years since my wife and I applied to college, so the process has changed a lot, and SoFlo's owner Adam, in particular, was very helpful in relaying information about strategies, deadlines, and the ways to write and edit Kevin's essays.

      Kevin had a lot of ideas for his essays, but he had trouble settling on one and putting it into words. Adam advised Kevin on which one of his desired essay topics could bring him the most success and then worked tirelessly through many rough drafts of essays until Kevin had his ideal personal statement (the main essay for college). Many of the schools Kevin applied to also have supplemental essays, and Adam helped Kevin brainstorm and edit those as well.

      My son was very busy during this time with sports and other extracurriculars, which I worried would pose a problem for scheduling, but SoFlo was able to work with us and our awkward schedule so that Kevin could get tutored and so that he could have his questions answered and essays read in a timely manner. They were always very patient with us, answered our emails quickly, and were very affordable. We looked at many packages for college counseling in particular, and this company gave the most bang for our buck. My son ended up getting accepted to his top choice school, Yale University, and I know that wouldn't have been possible without SoFlo's help. I recommend SoFlo for any parent looking to help their kid out with the difficult application process. They were a joy to work with, and I plan to to turn SoFlo when it's my younger daughter's turn to apply. Thank you, SoFlo!


    • SoFlo Tutors did an incredible job preparing my daughter with their test prep services. Their tutoring and curriculum is of the highest quality. My daughter Kelsey said she has never learned so quickly. In only 5 sessions she has improved her SAT score 260 points from a 1270 to a 1530. That score increase is going to change her life! The results speak for themselves. SoFlo is the real deal. I urge you to give Adam and his team a try. They are capable, friendly, and affordable. Their SAT tutoring delivered great results and my daughter also enjoyed her sessions. At one point she even called sessions 'fun'. I thought she might not be excited when I told her she was going to sit with an SAT tutor and that the tutoring would be virtual. How fun can the SAT be? But when the tutor Amelia sent us a 4 week progress report she reported that my daughter was engaged during sessions and always came to class with her homework completed. They focused on building a relationship with my daughter and it paid off because she was much more enthusiastic about doing the necessary work Amelia tutored Kelsey during her Junior High School year for 2 separate SAT dates. On our initial meeting/consultation with SoFlo, we discussed my daughter's baseline score from her PSAT along with whether we should consider ACT Tutoring or continue preparing for the SAT. SoFlo gave my daughter a combo ACT/SAT diagnostic test so we could figure out which exam was best for her. Weekly tutoring meetings to teach testing tricks and fundamentals were paired with homework assignments. Our tutor Amelia did a great job of adjusting homework based on my daughter's existing heavy course load. She made sure my daughter was never overwhelmed. Between scheduled test prep sessions, she was always available for quick questions or clarifications on practice test topics. I'm so happy with my daughter's 260 point increase! Give SoFlo a try. They are the best!!

      - Kyle AItken - June 14, 2021