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    SoFlo College Admissions Counseling

    SoFlo College Admissions Counseling


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    SoFlo connects you with top advisors and best-in-class data to help you reach your college goals. With 1-on-1 coaching sessions on Zoom, we'll develop a list of reach, target, and safety colleges. Then we'll work to write, edit, and polish college essays that will resonate with admissions officers. We also offer professional guidance to track applications deadlines, find extra-curricular opportunities, and ensure all paperwork is properly completed.

    The SoFlo System is 4 easy steps:

    1. Build a College List - Our advisors will discuss your stats, ambitions, and interests to build a realistic college admission strategy that will help you reach your goals. After we've learned what makes you tick, we'll build a college list of reach, target, and safety schools.

    2. Make a Timeline - We go through every college on your list and make a timeline for when each deliverable and application is due. Internal deadlines are set to keep you on track for success and never miss an official deadline.

    3. Get Busy Writing - We sit down with you to brainstorm, write, and edit admissions essays that will resonate with college admissions officers. Then we'll write and re-write until we arrive at an essay that students, advisors, and families are proud of.

    4. Proofread - An application shouldn't be rejected because of a simple mistake. We will comb through every document your child submits to ensure there are no mistakes and everything has been filled out properly.

    Let our advisors from top schools like Princeton, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan help you succeed. Reach out to us on our website to learn more.