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    Silk Mandarin’s Chinese Camp

    Silk Mandarin’s Chinese Camp


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    We extend a warm welcome to kids from all over the world to join Silk Mandarin’s Chinese Camps in Shanghai and Suzhou. During the Chinese Camp, the campers have chance to boost their Chinese language skills, participate in fun activities, experience Chinese culture firsthand, last but not the least, make life long friends. Our Chinese Camps will leave them an impression they will cherish the rest of their lives.


    For the upcoming camps, we offer a range of programs designed to cater to the needs and availability of the children.

    Full Camp

    • Chinese classes
    • Cultural activities
    • Field trips
    • All meals
    • Accommodation
    • Language test

    Day Camp

    • Chinese classes
    • Cultural activities
    • Field trips
    • Lunch & snacks
    • Language test

    Mandarin-only Camp

    • Chinese classes
    • Snacks
    • Language test

    How will this Chinese Camp organized?

    The campers will take Chinese classes in the morning. During this Camp, Mandarin learning will never be boring as the normal learning sessions are being combined with fun games, tasks, activities and not to forget real-life practice. Silk Mandarin would love to help the campers to find their connection with China! So our Camp’s Chinese course is based on the kids’ communicative goals in their daily life. Once they finish the course, they will be able to handle a number of practical topics in Chinese.

    For the Day Campers in the afternoon, a kid-friendly activity session including Kungfu, badminton, curling, table tennis, pottery, pool party etc. will be arranged.

    In the evening, we also prepare abundant night activities, such as movie nightexploring night market, playing Mahjong/Chinese board games and more for the full campers! Full Camp is a perfect opportunity to practice the kids’ capability to live independently.

    Every week, we will organize a field trip outside the campus. During the trip, the kids will enjoy a number of Chinese language-based group tasks and activities, leaving a unique memory with Silk Mandarin. They will go on a city tour, visit museums, experience traditional Chinese costumes, and take part in other specially curated activities!

    The Chinese Camp will be concluded in a happy and festive way with an evaluation of the kids’ Mandarin skills and a happy graduation ceremony. You are welcome to attend the ceremony. We will shoot lots of videos and photos to share these amazing moments with you!

    We help kids improve!

    Daily Chinese Communicative Skills

    • Experience the excitement of connecting to local life
    • Practice Chinese communicative skills in real life
    • Foster a genuine passion for future Chinese studies

    Independence & Teamwork

    • Experience an independent life from parents
    • Build up their own social network
    • Strengthen teamwork through various learning activities

    Why Silk Mandarin?

    Safety First

    We make sure every Child is both comfortable and well looked after

    Fast & Fun Learning

    Learning Mandarin is an adventurous journey, and we make sure every kid enjoys the ride!

    Full-time Language Immersion

    We specialize in an educational environment, which is immersive, fun and motivating.

    Visit our website for more details about Silk Mandarin’s Chinese Camp. We look forward to nurturing the passion for the Chinese language with more kids in the future!