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    • We contacted Signet when our son needed occasional help in advanced mathematics. He has worked with Ari at various critical times in his studies. He has described Ari as the most talented math teacher with whom he has ever worked. My son has told me that Ari has a way of asking clear questions that get him to think about a problem differently and help him to understand complicated concepts. In addition to being very smart and a great teacher, Ari has been flexible, attentive and understanding. We highly recommend him!

      - Client, D.C. - August 5, 2014
    • Ron is a superb tutor in every respect. He is knowledgeable beyond my wildest dreams. He has an amazing ability to meet me where I am as a student and bring me up to where I need to be. His instructions and feedback are clear, concise, and direct—and yet, they are delivered with kindness and in a way that does not tear me down. Frankly, and somehow, he has a way of building me up that I have not experienced in the past. He is also patient—even when he has corrected the same issue repeatedly in my essays (parallelism, specifically)—and especially when I did not get my essays to him when we agreed that I would (which of course puts pressure on him, since my due date for the essays does not change, and thus his turnaround time stays the same).

      - Student, W.R.G. - April 15, 2014