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    Robinson/Scholastic Objectives


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    The Robinson/Scholastic Objectives goal, to illuminate and advance student aspirations, is crafted on 30+ years of experience in isolating the right schools, programs, and opportunities for your student—both domestically and internationally. We foster strong, supportive connections with students to help place them at universities and boarding schools best suited to their unique talents and life goals. 

    Whether your student is preparing for college/university or boarding school, we empower students to take charge of their educational journey with expert guidance every step of the way. We offer:

    • A free consultation to discuss goals and needs.
    • A personalized roadmap, whether it’s a college or boarding school, including a list of options based on your student’s unique strengths and interests.
    • Help developing a standardized testing schedule, including a review of PSAT or PreACT testing for college-bound students and SSAT Flex testing for boarding school candidates.
    • Advice to maximize college and university or boarding school visits, including support for admissions interviews.
    • Course selection, including yearly advice and recommendations for college students and guidance on cultivating emerging interests and turning them into strengths.
    • Introduction to coaches, teachers, and private instructors — and introduction to age-appropriate programs and opportunities for high school students. We also provide support for athletic recruiting, auditions, and portfolio requirements in preparation for the college application process.
    • Guidance with developing several different essays for the college application process.
    • Interview and application support to ensure complete, error-free on-time submissions.Financial aid education: While we’re not financial aid advisors, we want our clients to benefit from our experience and knowledge of merit (non-need-based) aid. We do offer basic FAFSA and CSS Profile submission support.