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    A new way to earn money for college. With Raise.me, anyone can earn money for college starting in 9th grade based on their achievements in school and life.

    Equal access to higher education has become one of the greatest challenges of our time. At Raise.me, we are reinventing educational pathways and changing the way students access billions of dollars each year in scholarships and grants for college.

    Most scholarships and grants today are awarded at the very end of high school - far too late to influence students? college search and application process. Raise.me empowers students to earn Micro-Scholarships all throughout high school for their individual achievements, creating a more transparent and motivational process while enabling the students to see the guaranteed minimum amount of aid they?ll receive from an institution long before they apply.

    So far, over 115 institutions across the country have partnered with us to provide millions of dollars in grant aid to help students achieve their college ambitions with greater ease and clarity. Together, we are building a product that will change the lives of students everywhere.