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    Prepory offers comprehensive college counseling and guidance services to help students find, apply to, and get accepted by their dream colleges. Their team of expert counselors provides individualized support through every step of the college admissions process.

    The college search process begins with identifying academic interests and goals. Prepory counselors help students research colleges and universities that align with desired majors and career paths. They guide students in considering factors like location, campus culture, class size, extracurricular activities, and cost when narrowing down their college lists. For college applications, counselors work one-on-one with students on essay brainstorming, drafting, and editing. They also provide guidance on application supplements, resume building, and interview preparation. Throughout senior year, Prepory supports students through deadlines for early applications, regular decision submissions, scholarships, financial aid forms, and acceptance letters. Counselors are available to advise on comparing financial aid offers, college waitlists, appealing admissions decisions, and more. Additionally, Prepory provides specialized counseling for performing/visual arts, athletic recruiting, gap year planning, learning differences, first-generation students, and international students. The key benefits of Prepory's college counseling services include: - Customized college lists reflecting academic, social, and financial fit - Essay collaboration with 5+ revisions for 30+ schools - Counselor review of 100% of applications before submission - Ongoing support from acceptance to transition Prepory offers a free 30-minute college counseling consultation. Meet with an expert counselor to discuss academic and goals, narrowed college lists, scholarship opportunities, and any other admissions-related questions. Book a consultation today to get on track for college acceptance and success.