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    Orion’s Mind


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    Orions Mind is a national educational solutions provider that serves thousands of students in grades K_8. We deliver interactive, small-group instruction that is based on the theories of Multiple Intelligences and differentiated instruction.

    Working in small groups, students in our Supplemental Educational Services (SES) programs use problem-solving skills to master concepts aligned to both Common Core and state learning standards. Since 2008, the average attendance rate in the Orion's Mind programs has exceeded 90%, and students have demonstrated academic gains in both math and reading across every grade level K_8. For eligible students in grades K_8, parents can enroll their children free of charge. Tutoring sessions usually take place after the regular school day.

    The Orion's Mind test preparation program is geared toward students in grades 3_8. Typically, the program includes 16 hours of tutoring over the course of four weeks. The curriculum leads students through essential concepts and test-taking strategies to help them prepare for their state achievement tests.