Next Steps: Stephen Migden & Associates


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    Next Steps Educational Consulting, led by Dr. Stephen Migden, provides individualized educational and therapeutic consultation to children, teens, and young adults with: emotional-behavioral problems, psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD and learning disabilities.

    Because of his extensive experience with individuals of all ages and his wide-ranging knowledge of placement options, Dr. Migden can help you with many types of educational and therapeutic placements, including: Boarding Schools; Learning Disabilities Schools and Programs; Therapeutic Boarding Schools; Residential Treatment Programs; Psychiatric Hospital Programs; Substance Abuse Treatment Programs; Programs for Sexually Inappropriate Youth; Independent Day Schools for Students with Learning, Developmental or Emotional-Behavioral Problems; and Post-High School Programs for Students with Special Needs, including LD, ADHD, Asperger's Disorder and Psychiatric Problems.

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