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    MyGuru Tutoring & Test Prep

    MyGuru Tutoring & Test Prep


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    MyGuru is a boutique provider of 1-1 tutoring and test prep with a focus on building underlying academic skills. Our tutors have a minimum of three years of tutoring experience, undergraduate degrees (most have advanced degrees), and standardized test scores above the 90th percentile.

    At the high school level, we work with both students and parents to set objectives and track progress.  We’ve helped students in a variety of different situations – from last-minute preparation for advanced concepts on an AP BC Calculus exam to longer term relationships with students struggling to adapt to and perform well in high school.  We make every effort to match the student with the right tutor, and often the tutor-student relationship turns into a student-mentor relationship.  MyGuru tutors have even attended parent-teacher conferences with the parent to provide perspective on a student’s progress.

    For college students, our local presence sometimes allows us to match our students with upperclassmen, TAs, and even PhDs who have in-depth knowledge of the subject – and sometimes the specific class at your school.  We work with students across a wide range of college level coursework, from creative writing to mechanical engineering.

    Out-test prep services are unique. They represent a rare combination of affordability and quality. Our tutors have years of experience teaching advanced methods for getting higher scores on standardized tests. Many have years of experience with large, nationally known test prep firms. Because MyGuru doesn’t invest in one-size-fits-all strategies or expensive physical classroom space, we offer the most tailored and affordable tutoring available. We currently offer test prep for the: ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT.