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    MePlusMore – Stand Out On College Applications

    MePlusMore – Stand Out On College Applications


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    Share your digital portfolio with key stakeholders throughout the application process. Update teachers, counselors and admissions officers on the hours and awards you earn in you extracurricular activities. Stand out on college and scholarship applications.

    The weight and attention admissions officers are applying to your student’s extracurricular activities is increasing. Officers are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the person being presented in essays and letters of recommendation, and for digital evidence to support their admit decision.

    MePlusMore’s web-based application leverages a user’s current digital calendar (e.g. Google, iCalendar) and allows them to classify a student’s events into volunteer, club, band, athletics, work, or any one of 17 different categories. A user can also add the awards and achievements the student has earned as a result of their hard work.

    With this information captured a user can create multiple, dynamic, sharable reports that highlight a student’s progress while in high school. High school students have sent their digital portfolios to the following stakeholders leading up to and during the college application process:

    Teachers/Counselors – To stay front of mind leading up to and when asking for letters of recommendation.

    Admissions Officers – Further demonstrate interest by sending updates to the contacts met on campus tours.

    Internship Coordinators – To get an edge in securing junior summer internships.

    Scholarship Committees – Provide evidence of extracurricular activities for non-merit-based scholarships.

    Alumni – Let an alumnus see the full details of time spent outside of the classroom before the interview.

    Recruiters – Show coaches your hours of dedication and what other activities have built character.

    MePlusMore helped me stay organized beginning of freshman year. Having a digital portfolio that I could share helped me quickly respond and became a talking point with the internship coordinator that eventually offered me the position. I have also shared my portfolio with teachers who I will ask to write letters of recommendation next year for college. They know me much better and have committed to writing a strong letter when the time comes. - Steven Joy San Diego, CA