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    Bridge to Campus, a consultation service for students with mental health challenges; helping them prepare for a successful transition to college for academic and personal growth. Consisting of expert consultation and recommendations to promote a healthy college experience.

    We offer consultation to high school and college-age students who are looking for academic and mental health supports necessary to foster a successful college experience.  

    Unlike traditional mental health services, Bridge to Campus consists of expert consultation, lasting four to five sessions, culminating in specific, targeted recommendations to promote a healthy college experience. The service is ideally suited for students with mental health concerns who are:

    • Preparing to apply to college

    • Preparing to transition to college from high school or a gap year

    • Taking a medical or academic leave of absence from college

    • Preparing to return to college after time off

    • Contemplating a transfer to a new college McLean Hospital's College Mental Health Program treats 600+ college-age students each year, making it one of the largest higher education specific mental health centers in the United States.

    Highly experienced psychologists evaluate students’ readiness for college life using state-of-the art psycho-educational assessments, in order to create individualized recommendations.


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