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    Marrs College Admission Advisors


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    Launch your strategic college admissions campaign with acclaimed college advisor Catherine Marrs and academic advising expert Dr. Cynthia Jenkins. Access the focused preparation, planning, and power you need to get in.

    We help you develop a clear, workable flight plan to keep you right on track along the way. Its all about your Personal Strategic Plan, and it starts with the basics of CRED: Course Selection, Real Research, Extracurricular Savvy, and Depth Perception. Course Selection involves pursuing the strongest academic curriculum you can handle and understanding that the courses you take are almost as important as your GPA. Real Research is about assessing and identifying college options based on your unique personality and their power to help you achieve your specific objectives. We find college options you may not discover any other way. Extracurricular Savvy requires developing a personalized, strategic approach to extracurricular activities and community involvement. Finally, Depth Perception helps you to structure a strong, differentiating high school experience that is focused on depth of accomplishment rather than breadth.