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    Louis Newman College Success Coaching

    Louis Newman College Success Coaching


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    • Call: (612) 750-4052
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    College is hard.  Most students struggle at some point--academically, socially or emotionally--with the transition to this new environment.  With so many decisions to make, it can be hard to sort it all out.  College can be hard, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming. 

    College Success Coaching offers you individualized, holistic, 1:1 guidance for every step of your college career.  

    Louis Newman, former Dean of Academic Advising and Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford University, and Professor Emeritus at Carleton College, has more than forty years of experience helping students succeed in college. 

    He provides expert advice for all aspects of academic life: course selection; decisions about majors, minors and other special programs, choosing extracurricular activities, balancing academic life with work and social life, ongoing assessment of learning goals, improving study skills, leaves of absence, exploring internships and post-graduation options, among other topics.

    Professor Newman is available on an hourly basis (for short-term or immediate issues) or on a semester or yearly basis (for ongoing, unlimited support for all aspects of your college experience). 

    For more information, or to schedule an initial, free consultation, contact Louis Newman: Info@thinkingcritically.us